K102 gold kicked

Spokane: 509-747-K102 (5102)

North Idaho: 208-664-K102 (5102)

  • derikwalker

    Click on the “COUNTRY CLUB” picture on the right of your screen, under the “Morning Stampede” logo.

  • Grumpy Old Fart

    Just wonderin, how is it that the ‘artist’ that squawks out The Traveler ever gets air time? I like the music and even the lyrics and I’m sure he makes butt loads more $ than me but, in my humble opinion, he brings to fruition the question “Who’s steppin on the cat?” My dog sings better. Just sayin, and yes, I do change stations when he comes on.

    • Wayne Babcock

      From one grumpy old fart to another…. I could not disagree more. Chris Stapleton is great and if that is how your cat howls.. then let’s sign Kitty to his/her own recording label, because that is one cat I would listen to.

  • Grumpy Old Fart

    So Wayne, you like his voice? Guess some people do… If I had a cat (never happen) and it squalled like Chris you can bet your ass I’d be trying to sign it up for a recording.

  • J Reese

    You almost caused a fifteen car pileup by playing “Beer, Bait and Ammo” by Kevin Fowler. Just moved here from Austin and I absolutely lost my ever lovin’ mind!!

    Well done, guys. You done this Texas gal proud!

  • Becki Risland

    CRANK IT!! love love love this song!

  • Steven DeGon

    Hey Coyote can you play some Justin Moore

  • Will

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE eliminate that new song “body like a back road”
    Your the last good country station
    Don’t ruin your reputation!!!!!!
    It’s so horrible ????

  • Francois Blachere

    Just love Rick Marshall..he makes the show more enjoyable. Keep up with the good country music.

  • Justin Hart

    The live stream has been very unreliable lately and is down right now.

  • Teri Harrington

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  • Becki Risland

    I heard that they had Tricia do it because Leann was so young that it would be awkward to have her singing it and attending all the premiers with her being “too young to be singing about that issue”

  • Becki Risland

    Song for Dad by Keith Urban!

  • Becki Risland

    what happened? haven’t heard a word for about 20 minutes at least!

  • Susan Stickney

    I am no longer going to listen to your morning show. Jimmy Carters comments about the Taylor swift court case reflects the narrow mindedness of people and propagates that womem should just grin and bare abuse by men. And ur djs being worrired about what undergarments taylor did or did not have on was disgusting. They never challenge jimmy on his statements like they r afraid to offend him. This is not just today. But always.